Ensure your business is POPIA Compliant

Privacy Compliance Checklist

Our POPI compliance solution includes software automation & a manual that enables companies to meet the 8 areas of consumer rights – giving you a no fines guarantee and complete peace of mind.

Data Mapping

Cataloging all the company’s data to ensure the lawful processing of data.

CIS 20 Security Controls Assessment

Assessing your IT Security to ensure personal data is kept with “Reasonable security”.

Privacy Policies and Notices

Drafting of your Internal policies and website policy.

Vendor Assessments

Assessing your vendors to mitigate your risk.

Vendor Risk Assessments

Ensuring your vendors store your clients’ data as securely as you would.

Consent Management

Ensuring you have consent every time you collect data from a client or employee.

Privacy Rights Intake, Workflow and Response

Management platform for all privacy requests.

Data Loss Prevention

Security software to ensure data is not exfiltrated from your company either negligently or maliciously.

Annual Reporting to the Regulator

You are required to report to the regulator annually on all privacy-related matters.

Information Officer and Deputy Information Officer Training

Your officers are required to be trained annually.

Employee training

Education of your staff on the importance of privacy and confidentiality.

Business Email Compromise Protection (BECP)

Real-time cyber breach alerts allow you to take action and avoid falling victim or reduce the impact if exposure has occurred.

Making the world a safer place to live, work & play.

Reduce security risks.

At Bowline, we believe people have the right to live, work and play in a world without fear of physical attack, fraud or financial loss. We make this possible by eliminating security threats.