Security Operations Centre (SOC) Services

On the Ground, In the Air and Cyber Threat Intelligence

A 24/7/365 remote service that is aimed at eliminating security threats and enabling clients to respond effectively before disasters happen, ensuring business continuity. We install, configure and provide remote managed services using our state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre.


Real-time views of all active vulnerabilities and their current remediation status

Monitor access to organization libraries and information (file integritymonitoring), to adhere with compliance standards; GDPR, ISO, PCI-DSS,HIPAA, POPIA etc.

Detect specific suspected malware

Use of deception means (honeypot), to deceive & identify lateral movements and attack on time

Analyze, track and search all vulnerability information from all tools, penetration tests and audits, from a single pane of glass

Identify and organize your assets and corresponding vulnerability data

Risk scoring that is contextual to your organization

Bi-directional integrations with ticketing systems, issue trackers, incident response tools, SIEMs and more

Flexible automation rules to automate your existing vulnerability management workflows and processes

Integrate with phishing software, vulnerability software, service desk, etc.

Live stream, analysis, reporting and recording of on ground and in-air cameras

Ongoing threat hunting

Real time alerting on activity as needed by you

Record and analyze all events and incidents within the network for further investigation

Customized solutions to suit you

Making the world a safer place to live, work & play.

Reduce security risks.

At Bowline, we believe people have the right to live, work and play in a world without fear of physical attack, fraud or financial loss. We make this possible by eliminating security threats.